27 Trends From 2019 We’ll Probably Regret in a Few Years

You know how it feels to look back at pictures of the ’80s and ’90s and cringe at what you see? Well, BuzzFeed is asking readers to chime in on the “2019 trends that we’ll all look back on and cringe.” Here are the first 15 items (you can see them all by clicking this link.)

  1. Hydroflasks
  2. Crocs with socks
  3. Extreme FaceTuning
  4. Checkered pants
  5. Oversized T-shirts as dresses
  6. Thick eyebrows
  7. Gloomy-sounding pop music
  8. Chunky sneakers
  9. Succulents as decor
  10. TikTok
  11. Extreme makeup
  12. Multi-level marketing, aka “MLMs”
  13. Jean skirts
  14. Birkenstocks
  15. VSCO Girls