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1,100 MN National Guard Deploy to Kabul

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1,100 soldiers of the Minnesota National Guard have been deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Allies Refuge in Kabul. They’ll be providing humanitarian assistance to US citizens, special immigrant visa holders and their families. An estimated 5,000 more soldiers will be deployed to try and evacuate those left behind that have aided the US.

President Biden has set a firm deadline of August 31st of being in country. However, two Congressmen boarded a flight to Afghanistan to do some intel of their own, both former military. From what they witnessed, there are too many people that need to be evacuated and it could take longer than September 11th to get everyone out. Their secret mission upset many in Washington DC, saying it was an unnecessary risk. Democrat Representative Seth Moulton and Republican Representative Peter Meijer state they had a duty to provide oversight on the executive branch.