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Feds Propose New Rules to Ban Most Emotional Support Animals on Planes

The U.S. Department of Transportation proposed rule changes Wednesday that would narrow the types of animals that could be taken on planes as emotional support animals, the AP reports. The new rules would allow airlines to ban all animals from flights except specially trained service dogs–including cats, pigs, pheasants, rabbits, snakes, and untrained dogs. People would also have to pay …

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Grant to bring high-quality internet to unserved Miltona township

Minnesota is awarding more than $23 million in grants to 30 projects throughout the state to help bring high-quality broadband access to underserved and unserved parts of the state. Gov. Tim Walz announced the grants Tuesday. He says the grants will help bring the state closer to its goal of ensuring that every Minnesotan has high-speed internet access by 2022. …

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Spotify Launches Customized Pet Playlists

Looking for the purr-fect music to make your cat happy? Spotify has you covered. On Wednesday, the streaming platform launched Pet Playlists, which give users the ability to make their very own customized 30-song mixes not just for felines, but any furry (or non-furry) friend. According to Elite Daily, all you have to do is choose what kind of pet …

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Waseca officer showing small signs in fight for recovery

The pastor of a southern Minnesota police officer who was shot in the head says he is showing small signs in his fight for recovery. Waseca Officer Arik Matson remains hospitalized in critical condition. Matson was gravely wounded Jan. 6 as he and three officers responded to a call about a suspicious person roaming backyards in Waseca, about 70 miles …

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Use These Tips to Be a Kinder, More Conscientious Traveler

The New York Times writer Erinne Magree points out that being a kind traveler is every bit as important as being a savvy traveler, especially when dealing with staff and employees at hotels, restaurants and other locations. She has compiled the following list of kind suggestions for those those about to embark on their next trip. Address workers and employees by …

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